Friday, June 29, 2007

more books!

im reading a really good book right now about Nicholas Flamel. it wasn't written by JK Rowling but its still good. I'm thinking about picking up the golden compass but i have no time to read this summer.


Mrs. Bade said...

Why don't you have time to read?!?!?!
You can MAKE time!

So the Flamel book must be fiction?

Anonymous said...

yeah, the flamel book is fiction and it takes place in our time. and ive just been so busy! i just went to see Panic! At The Disco at Summerfest last night, and ive been working with my horse for fair next week. oh and ive been helping teach spanish in summer school.

Mrs. Bade said...

I know that Panic! At The Disco is one of you favorite bands!