Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chosen By A Horse

i just started reading Chosen By A Horse by Susan Richards. its a true story about how a broken horse helped heal a broken heart. i just started it today and am already on page 47, its a quick read. very very good so far.


Mrs. Bade said...

Cool Brianna!
I know how you LOVE horses.
I'm thinking about our first Cafe Library book for this school year. What do you think??? Any suggestions??

Anonymous said...

if you can find enough copies, theres a book called Under Orders by Dick Francis. its a murder mystery that takes place on a horse race track in england. hes written over forty books, and ive read two of them, they're kinda hard to track down, but theyre REALLY well written.

Mrs. Bade said...

Good suggestion!
We'll have to get our group together and pick one soon.

Ms. Morris said...

I loved Chosen by a Horse! I read it last summer. It was well written and moving, and I'm a complete sucker for animal stories. :)