Thursday, August 7, 2008

Memoirs of a Geisha

I finally read Memoirs of a Geisha by Aurthur Golden this summer. I've had the book since the movie came out several years ago and have been wanting to read it ever since. If you have seen the movie and loved it, I recommend reading the book. The book pulls you in even more than the movie as you follow the life of Chiyo (Sayuri) from her poor childhood to her life in the okiya becoming a geisha. Even though I know very little about Japanese culture, Golden places enough history into the novel to give you a sense of what was happening in their lives.

If you want a book to get lost in, this tome is for you and there is still time to read it before school starts!


Mrs. Bade said...

I really liked Memoirs of a Geisha. I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks in Japan a while back and I think the author does a good job of portraying Japanese culture.

Mrs. Bade

Ms. Morris said...

I would like to read this book, and also see the movie.