Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's Team up with the Public Library

Cafe Library is going to team up with the L.D. Fargo Public Library in April. We're reading Jazz by Toni Morrison. The public library is conducting a series called, Let's Talk About It: Love & Forgiveness in the Light of Death,
sponsored by ALA and the Fetzer Institute.

Jazz is just one book in the discussion series being held at the public library. Ms. Vicki York, librarian from the L.D. will lead our discussion.

Summary from the back cover: "A mysterious voice weaves the story of an African-American door-to-door salesman of beauty products who shoots his young lover, and his wife who tries to disfigure the corpse with a knife in the winter of 1926."

BTW, Kelsey did a GREAT job leading our discussion of Naughts and Crosses in March. Several more students are now hooked on this series. Way to go Kelsey!

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