Wednesday, May 9, 2007

book: Beauty Queen

it was such a good book, it was interesting, not your typical read. if you want to get into someone's head this is so the book, you feel her pain and feel her happyness all at the same time. The good thing is, is that all people could get into this. its got mature content and drug abuse but its still excelent. If you want to get into the details of her not very honored life its the book for you.


Mrs. Bade said...

I LOVED your profile!
Thanks for the recommendations...I'll need to put those on my summer read list!!!!

Victoria-is-a-PENGUIN said...

I know! It was an amazing book. I loved it, but some parts were a little dull and boring. Like how she always talked about her cat. Uh..Yeah! Maybe that was just me? I don't know.
Good book though.

Ms. Morris said...

How can talking about a cat be boring??? ;)