Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memoirs of a Geisha

The characters go from the bottom counter clockwise: Chiyo (Sayuri), Sayuri and the Chairman, Nobu, Mameha, Sayuri (the big middle one), the Chairman, Hatsumomo, and Sayuri.

I just finished reading Memoirs Of A Geisha. Its a really good book about a girl who gets sold into a geisha house when she is seven because her mother is really sick. She tries to escape to be with her sister but she falls off the roof and breaks her arm, and 'Mother' decides to not let her go to school anymore. Then, Mameha, who is one of the most popular geisha in all of Gion, decides to take Chiyo under her care as her 'Older Sister'. Chiyo goes back to school to become a geisha. When she is 14 she became an Apprentice Geisha, where she gets her name changed from Chiyo to Sayuri, meaning 'Little Lily'. she suffers hardships during the war but i wont give too much away ;). there is also a movie (the picture is the movie poster) that is really good too.


Anonymous said...

oops! clockwise! im a spaz!

Ms. Onsrud said...

I saw the movie last summer and LOVED it (which usually doesn't happen when it's based on a novel) so I bought the book to read. It's on my list for this summer. I'm glad you liked it.
Ms. Onsrud

Mrs. Bade said...

I read Memoirs of a Geisha for my adult book was actually my pick. I thought it was excellent. I visited Japan between my Junior and Senior years of high school so it was cool to recall some of my experiences I had, none of which had to do with a geisha house!

Back to my book club experience...I had the ladies play "Big Fat Liar." It was sooooo fun!!!

I recently saw the movie with my daughter, Chloe, AKA Playswithsquirrels. I thought the movie was good too but the book is definately better!