Monday, October 1, 2007

Under Orders

I just finished Under Orders by Dick Francis. This book was recommended by Brianna and she actually asked that we read it for our first Cafe Library meeting at the end of October so we will! I am having trouble getting it through inter library loan but more copies should be available in a few days.

Prolific writer, Dick Francis, pens his fourth book in the Sid Halley detective series. Super sleuth, Halley is a former champion jockey and finds murder at the races. Set in England in the steeple chase world of horse racing, things get interesting when it looks like races are being fixed, jockeys and trainers are controlling whether their horses win or lose and people turn up dead.

Straight forward whodunit that is enjoyable to read.

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Ms. Morris said...

This one was pretty fun and action packed! It was slightly predictable though, at least to someone who used to devour every mystery series she could get her hands on. :) But still fun.