Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You heard it here first!

Mrs. Bade, Mrs. Edwards and I have been working on bringing a Wisconsin author to visit our school! So here's the grand unveiling: James DeVita, a local playwright, writer of young adult novels, and actor at American Players Theater in Spring Green, will be discussing his new book The Silenced with us in early December. Watch the LMC, halls and announcements for more info.

The Silenced is an excellent dystopian novel (a dystopia is an imaginary place which is depressingly wretched and whose people lead a fearful existence) set in the near future in a country that has been taken over by the Zero Tolerance Party, a political party who believes that it is necessary to give up freedom in order to be safe. Not only is this a good story about courage, it also explores a lot of issues that are very important today, like freedom of speech and what the role of the government should be in protecting our rights. Besides, the main character is just really cool! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh theres this AMAZING Wisconsin author but i cant remember her name! She wrote a book called Becky's Rebel and its one of the best books i've ever read. Its about a girl who falls in love with a 'rebel' soldier, while she was from the north. (it takes place near the end of the Civil War). if i can find my copy i'll bring it to school. (my copy is currently MIA ): )

Mrs. Bade said...

Could the author be, Sherry Derr-Wille? I looked it up on the web. Unfortunately we don't have that title in our LMC!

Mrs. Jacobs said...

An English class at Fort Atkinson High School is also reading this book -- and I believe the author may be visiting that high school as well. Maybe students from both schools could compare notes -- over the blog, of course!