Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kvetha Fricäya. Greetings Friends.

As many of you have heard, I am writing the final chapters of Book Three, which will be published September 23, 2008. Earlier this year, I realized that I had too much story to fit into one volume and that a fourth novel was necessary to complete the adventures of Eragon and Saphira as I originally envisioned them. Therefore, what began as the Inheritance trilogy has become the Inheritance cycle.
I know from your letters that you are curious about the name and cover design of Book Three. The decision to add a fourth book to the Inheritance cycle has affected many things, this included. I promise you'll be the first to hear as soon as the title of Book Three is announced. And, like you, I am excited to see what the cover will look like!My friends at Random House have some exciting pre-publication activities planned for 2008. You can anticipate that something new and interesting will be revealed each month, beginning in January.I wish you a happy holiday season, and . . .May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini
p.s. The picture above, taken in snowy Montana, shows me holding the Hawaii Nene Award plaque for Eragon.

That ^^^^^ is an update from Christopher Paolini!
Alex just emailed it to me and I signed up to the mailing list now.


Anonymous said...

OH! And if anyone wants me to email it to them just give me your email either at school or post it in a comment here :)

Mrs. Bade said...

Thanks for the up-date!!!!!!!!!!!