Friday, December 7, 2007

yo im new homie

ello im carina and im a senior at lake mills high school. and im mrs.Bade favorite student. lol. i am recently reading new moon by stephenie meyer. i finished the first one and loved edward is so amazing. he goes through so much to try to keep bella out of danger. and he trys so hard to not give into tempatation. but when i started reading new moon and edward left i was devistated i didnt want it to be true. so yeah im glad i am reading it.

ps. for any one out there who wants a good read check out tounge and chic by christina dodd. fantastic book let me tell ya.


Mrs. Bade said...

Hey Carina!
Nice post!!
Also, thanks for the good words about Tongue in Chic by you know, it's one of our next Cafe Library books(I know you know because you suggested it!!!)

[Carina] the created said...

chia man i'm totally promoting the book i suggested because i want a lot of people to read it so i know what they think and a new type of book is always nice to read after reading so many books that have them same setting.

[Carina] the created said...
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